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tv   [untitled]    May 2, 2015 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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reciated and people are accepted people are good role models and work together and work anothers getting along and create peaceful environmentalists we know that smild a challenging time and excludes a place for students to thrive to support the charter renewal is why i'm here. >> thank you>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> please hold our applause i want to make sure we get through the speakers. >> good evening, commissioners and can you- i'm an thank you for the opportunity to speak in favor the gateway chapter renewable and gateway has infected who i am for example i feel like gateway helped me to
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build my character and have high expectations and ask you to challenge user. >> if you don't understand gateway teaches help you i think that gateway small community helped me to feel supportive it is comfortable and you get to know everyone no our classroom and feel like they know you two this helps you us you know a teacher or friend has our back and want that for every student i hope you'll vote in favor of the gateway chapter renewable. >> thank you very much. >> good evening, commissioners and superintendent carranza i'm csa draw also known as ms. d thank you for the opportunity to speaker no favor of gateways
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cheater renewal and some of the things about gateway they have beliefs and commitment to community how expectations are held for all students and great amount of work for all students they are challenged and richly diverse school that removes barriers to students and incurs students to advocate for themselves this is a safe and nurturing community our advise community program and small classrooms they feel safe to take risks and students are supported to go to sell nefarious and student life conferences and gateway is age inclusive school where learner difference are valued we seek to provide educational experiences designed with those education in
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mind. >> please wrap up. >> yep for those reasons i'm proud to be part of gateway middle school i hope you'll vote in favor of the renewal. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm smith i want to for the record we have a bunch of people that represent the students the board members and others i want everyone to give a big wave so i want to use my time to tell us as point about gateway secretarial the part about apartment interaction the city hall tries to involve parents of all levels he feels and i'm on the before find parent representatives i've assisted with the school auction and helped with my daughters school trips and been in interviews and
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contacted by teachers and school support to check in and in addition to my regular formalized opportunity for parents to discuss things we have opportunities like conferences and back to school night and parent association meeting i know it can be difficult to get to my kids school but i'm grateful for the effort that gateway makes for opportunities to weigh in. >> thank you very much (clapping.) are there questions or comments from, if any, colleagues on the board. >> commissioner fewer. >> i went to go visit gateway middle-income to see how they were actually, i liquidated everything and saw i didn't vote for this charter but i'm going
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to vote for the renewal i think the one year you took off was smart that looked like a well run engine so much success and in the next 5 years thank you (clapping.) >> any questions or comments. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> i wanted to commend the work over at gateway i'm a big fan and appreciate all the work you're doing in 5 years i'm not be here to vote i'm here to support your renewal tonight (clapping.) developing matt haney. >> all for coming out i'm impressed by the enthusiasm and
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diversity in our community so thank you for that and also thank our school leadership team sometimes whether there's a chapter school we see example of combat active relationship i saw in my experience being a board member open diagonal open communication, partnership and hopefully, we can not only continue that but grow on it all the things you talked with the values that are part of gateway community i hope we continue to learn from each other and have that be a model partnership i'll be supporting this tonight. >> thank you all again for coming out (clapping.) >> in closing, i want to recognize ms. sharon for her leadership at gateway and happy
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to support this resolution ms. casco. >> simulating mr. chin ms. fewer mclaren ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton commissioner wynns dr. murase it's 6 i's. >> congratulations (clapping). >> we have quite a bit of business remaining so thank you all for coming out tonight in support of gateway if you could kwoel espouse users we have quite a few agenda items the next item on the agenda the wing policies was moved and seconded
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on april 22nd may s i have a report under the rules committee. >> we had acquit an expensive discussion excluding a lot of really good debt testimony from the community health director in support of that this is a kind of next generation wellness policy i want to point out somebody motive have to tell me whether or not this is appropriate you'll see in the agenda underlined material which has been addressed and bans the committees discussions and kind of collaborating process we agreed an clarifications and added things we wanted in the policy since that time i've
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excuses things i felt was not clarified enough so we came up with language which i will submit as an amendment with the support of staff that i don't know if you want me to do that now so i don't have to do that after. >> it will be an amendment let's hold until after public comment. >> okay. the public might want to- >> do you want to introduce. >> the amendment on page 7 of the policy is page 8 of the agenda under item 2 with the commission guidelines for all foods and beverages we excused clarify this policy is intended to incorporate our current nutrition guidelines so the amendment and a we agreed to increase item a it says the districts nutrition guideline
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this moot or steady applicable we want to add so it reads thus so i provide it the districts innovation guidelines some moot or steady the stanford university guidelines as outlined and the current meals contract i f b number n i s 2012 so that would be clear we're talking about everything will come after we currently have and add the word and for the state and local policies and on item i at the bottom of the page strike the word sugar and add sugar sweetened beverage we have this notice about the diet so this
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addressed language says for example any beverage that contains adams sugar we think that is confusing that's the amendments. >> is there. >> i'll move those. >> is there a second to the wing policy. >> second. >> i'd like to invite a reading of the resolution by the instructor. >> i should probably say after that, the committee recommended it pass. >> thank you commissioner president murase i'd like to ask my colleagues to read this. >> it is an amount team effort to deputy the wing policy and a
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lot of the team members i'll not call folks out by names i have my back turned and might miss folks but it is across might want agencies and entities within the san francisco so it's been a rewarding experience thank everyone that made is possible and we'll continue to involve and shepherd the work going forward. >> so commissioners shall i read the questioned action do you want me to read the background. >> please. so superintendent proposal the wing policy the requested action the board of education of the san francisco unified school district do you want the policy.
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>> and would you, please go over some of the how points so or the staff to go over the hostilities the interested public won't have access to the 14 page document. >> i may as well so as i mentioned it is a collaborative forest we're working to do or streamlining to create a framework that makes it possible for a policy for physical activities and innovationand paramount to their success and for a lifetime habits it a priority of the instructor to superintendent carranza to insure that we're doing
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everything we can to enhance the wing of our students it addressed multiple elements around the student wing and staff wing there are many components to it it and as you mentioned commissioner it is a pretty immense policy documents one of the first things we are going to do once it is hopefully approved using a grant we've received from a did you want to have a parent and multi lingual version to help raise awareness of the policy guidelines it includes you knowguidance around the innovation activity and physical education and variety of
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elements i don't know commissioner if you want me to get more specific it is militant dimensions to it. >> a comment from staff. >> commissioner president murase do you want to bring this up. >> so i want to go into public comment before the board discussion so is there any further comments from staff. >> no commissioner we presented it as a rules committee we explicit prepare a longer than presentation for tonight but if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. >> i have 4 speaker cards on the wing policy (calling names). >> one minute each please. hi thank you for letting me speak and thank you for
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considering the wing policy i'm on the committee and have my own nonprofit we help nutrition for low income kids it was delights full to work on this when we put it together we came to the points where we would say oh they'll never do that but we know that it is right thing to do we had that discussion over and over i think you guys are going to do it is incredible it is hard, hard commitment to make it is the absolutely right thing to do for kids and i'm so proud of all of you for taking this commitment and for the committee accomplishments as well thank you very much. >> if you can hold your applause. >> good evening. i'm a teacher and special assignment in the
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health program for the last several years i've served open the siding the f f a i want to raise a couple of catch-22 can you remember waters to toast the committee members for their passion and commitment the committee is made up of students and teachers and parents and others staff city and county organizations and agencies and members of the public i want to toast our students who briefly tried to do this and lined up for second and the toast to the site coordinator and pe teachers far or for their passion and toast to kilogram and sarah and those for the leadership to ready this policy for adoption chores to your health and let's hear it for implementation
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(laughter). >> thank you very much many el >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening commissioner president murase and commissioners thank you so much for taking this policy and taking an action on the item i've been with the food and fitness committee when this was named something different as that policy took observe two years an amazing process all the work mark talked about and create the investment it supports and proementsz student health and staff health, i really want to thank superintendent carranza for you lisp and creating the environment so i look forward to continuing to work with the district and implementation on this policy thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi my name is brittany a
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government instructor with the american heat association and thank you for creating an environment where this can be create and voice the american heart association want to continue with the citizens advisory committee as well as school wellness department as this is implement so thank you all for your leadership in bringing this forward. >> thank you very much (clapping) commissioner fewer. >> what we get a report if the budget committee and thank you very much so i think that there is a really big price tag to some of it is it did staffing i just said i think that so what is the agreement when we pass to
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tonight with the budget mrimgsz. >> this is part of the budget development process so the actual what gets implemented this year and that's my understanding that the ongoing expenditures for this coming year are stilt being decided as part of the budget process. >> i want to mash we decade fund to implement it with integrity so if things are passed and we don't we know there is a budget prelims but we don't have an inner budget i want to mention that on the record. >> you know what it - >> commissioner norton and commissioner wynns. >> i need to correct myself no recommendation from the budget committee because we this is part ever budget development
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process so we did not consider this as an action item even though it was agendize we heard it as an informative action. >> commissioner wynns. >> i have two questions i realize it is a big job i thank members of the committee and the staff for all the work one of the things actually 3 things one of the things we talked about at the rules committee the process by which we'll have the committee do regular reviews we want to make sure as i said at the committee i'll say is it again previous to this policy in our old wing proposal policy one the components an annual recommendation from the name of the committee changed during that time about the updates to the policy and there were
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recommendations about the changes that would be made and most of those were not brought to the board so some o most of the changes never happened i'm hoping the committee will work a little bit more on bring to us in the future a way to as part of monitoring to say we think we need provisions or update and not wait until we adapt another wing policy that's the first thing the second thing about the budget i'm requesting the budget recommendation that are played to the board actually have a description and component that says this is how much of the new wing policy especially the staffing we recommend we implement now so we know when we do the budget how much money and what we're going to get faster the policy and the last thing i have a part write don't think i
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paid attention to about the what happens to the provision of feeding every hungry child i want an just want not now but soon as we go along and implement many policy if we see changes at my hope what i think i know has been happen most the provisions are not relevant anymore because the way the process we've used for collecting meal applications or certifying kids has been way million dollars ahead of what it was that was one of our main concerns schools with low levels of filing applications and we want to make sure which was the main gift no child was left without a regular meal and the
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point of sale system sha should completely change the landscape but we've not talked that specific i don't want to delay this i hope we'll vote for it i hope those are things we'll bring back soon so the board can have confidence we are continuing our commitment to those principles which have up to now been embedded in those 3 things mentioned at the bottom as being super seated. >> commissioner walton. >> again, i want to thank the necessary committee for your work and deprived to be on the
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board when we pass this board and thank you for the opportunity for the standards to get the food on a daily basis and i saw gooiven sitting in the back i guess its work for them i ask for bigger cups so i don't have to take more trips to get water. >> superintendent. >> so i'd like to thank the committee? a long and fruitful engagement around the cutting-edge for the activity for students here inform san francisco i want to point to the implementation and monitoring section of the policy which i think is the most xhfsz it is a change no mindset to ask for all deputies to understand and
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digester no pun intended this policy and understand the policy it requires us to be our own policing agent, if you will it requires us to not allow food and drink in our schools and activities that don't exploratorium to the policy it requires us to not expedite with the innovation services this is a huge, huge issue as a principle i remember as a teacher my fundraiser i couldn't expedite with the innovation but the benefit of time you realize when you have a policy if you carve out many, many expectations you have no policy so closing the loopholes is power and requires adjustment and i'm going to ask my colleagues in the classroom and departments quite frankly including us sitting here how we eat and what we do for our
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students in a public matter not the least of which i want to thank revolution foods for providing this evening with actual cuisine we had fire chicken it was wonderful and that was directly recommended to student input going again i want to add may thanks to everyone to participated on a personal note i'll say you cannot talk about social cadet for all of our students paralleling our students of color with you don't pay attention to what they're eating and providing opportunities for the type 2 diabetes and heart
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disease are chronic in our communities of color i know i lost how parents to those kinds of diseases we have the ability to say this will not happen to our students in san francisco remember this is social justice (clapping) so i'd like to make a few points about awhile i'll be supporting tonight policy we have a did you mention about this in the rules committee but number one it provide for breakfast in class for all the students to make sure our students get a healthy breakfast, and, secondly, it provides for drinking water to all students our hetch hetchy water to all students throughout the day and thirdly it requires announced healthy food and we heard from our ucsf partners about sugar addiction and the
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amount of sugar our kids are consume it is a far-reaching policy in terms of what is allowed. >> birthday parties we really want to encourage fruits and vegetables and we want the kids to get a nutritious meal and phase out of chocolate milk because of the value of that and number 4 it does provide for restrictions as foods for fundraiser at the school site and event it is very, very important brought up u out in the rules committee our educators will not be allowed to withholding recess as a way to deal with behavorial issues we're a roar active practice this is typically those kids that noted the physical activity
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that may currently be having their recess withheld those are major shifts but shows a enlightened policy and hope to ask for everybody cooperation in making sure it get implemented so i believe first we have a vote on the amendment that commissioner wynns moved and commissioner norton seconded. >> if we need a vote open the amendments for that the staff recommendations the staff concurred. >> i see i'll give it a staff recommendations then we will vote open the amendment and it will why not vote on the policy as amended roll call. >> simulating mr. chin